Don’t judge a movie by its title (or trailer)!

Up until a few nights ago I detested “Shakespeare In Love”, which wouldn’t be so strange if I had formed this opinion upon actually seeing the film!

For some reason, I hated the movie the second I heard it existed. The title alone made me break out in hives. I’d switch the channel every time it was on, refusing to even acknowledge that it was part of the programme. I rolled my eyes at people when they included it in their favourite movies list, questioning their credibility and their taste; And yet, the only time I’d seen clips of “Shakespeare In Love” was during the 1999 Academy Awards. Prior to that there was another Oscar winner that always riled me up, but at least I had seen “The English Patient” before deciding that it was a total and utter crap.

Before, this image would make me want to puke. Now, it makes me go “Awww”, and want to watch the movie again.

So, don’t ask me how this happened, but a couple of nights ago when SIL came on I didn’t rush to grab the remote. Whether it was divine intervention, or just plain laziness that stayed my hand is totally irrelevant at this point. What matters is that here I am now, gladly eating all my words, and discarding my narrow-mindedness as I admit that I am undeniably and irrevocably in love with this grand film. It wasn’t just the torrid love affair that pierced my heart, but all the clever allusions to contemporary screenplays as well asĀ  Shakespeare’s other plays. Okay, there were a couple of cheesy scenes (all involved the queen), but overall the movie got under my skinny very quickly, planting its roots deep.

Love has, once again, opened my heart, my eyes, and my entire being. I can only hope that lessons will stick as long as my new-found love for “Shakespeare In Love” – forever.