There seems to be very little change over time

When I MTE5NTU2MzE1OTgyNDMxNzU1was a kid, my favourite movie genre was a musical. I couldn’t live without Singing In the Rain, Wizard Of Oz, Hair or Annie. I knew all the songs by heart, even though English is not my mother tongue.

However, one thing I never enjoyed much is a remake, especially a bad one. With that being said, I surprised even myself after deciding to give contemporary Annie a shot. After all, the new movie featured a young Quvenzhané Wallis (who had been nominated for Oscar for her performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild). Okay, I told myself, perhaps it was time I put my prejudice aside, and accepted the fact that remakes give us the opportunity to take a glimpse at some of the ways the world has changed over the decades.

Well, one thing that definitely makes itself more and more apparent in Hollywood is that a grand majority of movies are sloppy, made to be watched jusannie-3t that one time and then forgotten.Okay, Annie isn’t really that bad. But it definitely isn’t memorable. My biggest objection is regarding singing/dancing numbers, which are very poorly executed. After all, these are the scenes that make a musical, and yet, it seems that in this movie, the choreographer was quite lazy.

Except for an occasional jump, there really isn’t  much to see.

Now, lest you think the movie was a disaster. Cameron Diaz was great as an evil/drunken foster parent (but we have seen her play a bad girl before); Jamie Foxx has a beautiful singing voice; Rose Byrne is super lovely and, as always, mANNIEakes me want to start speaking in British accent; and of course, Quvenzhané Wallis is captivating herself.

The movie also struck me on a more personal level as well. Ever since I became a mother last year, I can’t bear to witness children suffering or experiencing any kind of pain. When I watched original Annie as a kid, I saw it from a perspective of a child hoping throughout that Annie would be reunited with her parents. This time, however, all I kept thinking about was how someone could give up their kid. I get that some parents make the decision because they can’t afford to raise the child, but that doesn’t at all comfort me. Just trying to imagine what it must be like to be raised by an institution, instead by a loving parent, breaks my heart.

And one other thing that I simply fail to understand is why do we still have orphans, at all? One would think that childless couples looking to adopt outnumber children without parents, don’t they?!. Now, that constant is what made it possible for there to be a remake of Annie in the first place.


The Oscars – Recap

Jennifer Lawrence, really? Like, for real?!? I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it. Her role, and subsequently performance, was totally unconvincing. I am so incredibly disappointed. As you know, I felt strongly that Quvenzhane Wallis from Beasts of the Southern Wild should win. But oh well, let’s move on.

Next shocker: Michelle Obama announcing the winner. Really First Lady, you got nothing better to do? This just goes to show that politics (not just in the U.S.) are all a part of the show for the masses.

In any case, not the worst outcome there with Argo taking the statue. I’m glad, even though I don’t feel this was a masterpiece.

Amour at least won the Best Foreign Picture category, so that pleases me.

Ang Lee totally deserved the Oscar for directing. Life of Pi is not a book that translates easily onto screen, and he did more than a fantastic job.

Daniel Day-Lewis deserved to enter history by becoming the first to win Best Lead Actor three times.

Anne Hathway taking the Oscar home – that was a no brainer. I cannot not comment on how gorgeous her entire look was.

And I’m so happy that Christoph Waltz was able to take the podium, too (I know many of you feel the same as well). We all knew that Django wouldn’t win, just as we knew that Tarantino would be awarded for Best Original Screenplay.

Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Christoph Waltz

All in all, there were no spectacular surprises, considering the list was poor to begin with. I’m looking forward to seeing what awaits us in 2013, and I hope you’ll be there with me to comment on it.

Now tell me, are you satisfied with the outcome?

Beasts of the Southern Wild

I thought long and hard about why this movie filled with my heart with tremendous love. The answer is quite simple really: the lead actress, the 9 year old Quvenzhane Wallis. The kid is absolutely mesmerizing, and if she is not rewarded with and Oscar for her performance, it will be a grave injustice.


The story itself requires patience and an open mind, and is not to be taken too literally.  It is a depiction of life through the eyes of a child called Hushpuppy whose world starts falling apart when her father and sole guardian becomes ill. The point that brave people don’t run, but stay to face their difficulties, is delivered in an unconventional, almost surrealistic manner. Confusing at the beginning, it is made so simple in the end that I couldn’t not feel an incredible sense of amazement and empowerment, after witnessing the world through Hushpuppy’s eyes. I hope that this newly acquired bring it on mentality never wears off for me.

Now tell me, did Beasts of the Southern Wild have the same impact on you?