The Oscars – Recap

Jennifer Lawrence, really? Like, for real?!? I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it. Her role, and subsequently performance, was totally unconvincing. I am so incredibly disappointed. As you know, I felt strongly that Quvenzhane Wallis from Beasts of the Southern Wild should win. But oh well, let’s move on.

Next shocker: Michelle Obama announcing the winner. Really First Lady, you got nothing better to do? This just goes to show that politics (not just in the U.S.) are all a part of the show for the masses.

In any case, not the worst outcome there with Argo taking the statue. I’m glad, even though I don’t feel this was a masterpiece.

Amour at least won the Best Foreign Picture category, so that pleases me.

Ang Lee totally deserved the Oscar for directing. Life of Pi is not a book that translates easily onto screen, and he did more than a fantastic job.

Daniel Day-Lewis deserved to enter history by becoming the first to win Best Lead Actor three times.

Anne Hathway taking the Oscar home – that was a no brainer. I cannot not comment on how gorgeous her entire look was.

And I’m so happy that Christoph Waltz was able to take the podium, too (I know many of you feel the same as well). We all knew that Django wouldn’t win, just as we knew that Tarantino would be awarded for Best Original Screenplay.

Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Christoph Waltz

All in all, there were no spectacular surprises, considering the list was poor to begin with. I’m looking forward to seeing what awaits us in 2013, and I hope you’ll be there with me to comment on it.

Now tell me, are you satisfied with the outcome?



Argo totally lived up to my expectations. I anticipated an intelligent screenplay brought to life via a very 1970s  cinematography with plenty aerial views, street scenes and closeups.


Ben Affleck did an incredible job. As a director he managed to deliver a very sensitive story without making any accusations or stirring the pot. I especially liked the comparison between movie scenes and actual photographs at the end. I believe he wanted to assert the point that he was not exaggerating, merely jotting things down for history. I knew this story, because I had seen a documentary years ago on National Geographic Channel. However, even though I was familiar with the ending, I spent the last half an hour sitting at the edge of my seat. The suspense was really built up to the extreme and I would love to hear how those of you who didn’t know the story reacted during the incredibly tense scenes at airport.

His acting was characteristically well, even if his character reminded me quite a bit of of George Clooney in Syriana. This is especially interesting in lieu of the fact that Affleck and Clooney are producers of Argo.

It surprised me, though that Ben Affleck’s name isn’t on the Best Directing list, especially because David O. Russell’s name (director of Silver Linings Playbook) is up in that category. Usually Hollywood loves to honour actors turned directors, so what do you think happened this time?