To Rome With Love

After forcing myself to watch all those Oscar nominees, and stumbling across some other appraised bores, I was starting to lose faith in Western cinema.

Then I saw Woody Allen’s latest work titled To Rome With Love and once again I was a believer. After writing an ode to Barcelona and Paris, Woody gave us another postcard from Europe with this quirky, light comedy set in the Eternal City.


To Rome With Love is the first film in many years in which Woody Allen stars himself. Even though it’s composed of several different stories, the movie flows smoothly. Each plotline is so interesting and fun, that for the time being you forget about all the others. Every time Roberto Benigni’s face popped on the screen I was surprised and delighted upon remembering that he too had a part in this movie.

The brilliant international cast makes the two hours fly by. Instead of the usual existential pondering, the movie exudes whimsical lightness. I left the theater feeling far more careless and relaxed than when I entered. I highly recommend watching To Rome With Love a close friend or someone else you love to share the positive vibes with.

Have a wonderful Friday, and a superb weekend.





2 thoughts on “To Rome With Love

  1. I should watch this one!
    Another very cool movie I watched recently is “Salmon fishing in the Yemen”. Quite absurd sometimes, but still, very funny and light. Watch it, if you haven’t done it yet. Bisous! :*

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