Les Miserables

Finally the list is complete. After seeing all the nine nominees for Best Picture, my opinion is that Les Miserables will win.


Based on Victor Hugo 19th century novel, the story resonates powerfully today when the gap between the rich and the poor is more apparent than it has been in decades. There are probably millions of people in the western world who can identify with Anne Hathaway’s character Fantine who loses a job and is forced to sell her hair, her teeth and her body. Also, I couldn’t not think of the Occupy movement in the scenes when crowds sing of their misfortune, condemning the rich.

I must admit though that I thought it was slightly preposterous that these people who earn millions of dollars and belong to the 1% are playing the roles of the 99%. This irony has never been more apparent to me than while watching Les Miserables. I couldn’t help but wonder whether the movie inspired the actors to help out the poor, needing folk.

Nevertheless, Anne Hathaway’s performance is brilliant, and I’m pretty sure she will taking that golden statue home. Not so sure about Hugh Jackman though.

If this challenge to watch all Oscar nominees has proved anything, it’s that reception of the movie widely depends on the viewer’s mood. When first I attempted to watch Les Miserables, I couldn’t stand to see more than ten minutes. When I put it on a week later I couldn’t tear myself away from the screen. I was so emotionally invested in the characters, that I found myself on the constant verge of tears. Still I don’t regard it as being all that great film, mostly because it’s  just a tad too long for my taste. I miss the time when movies were 90 minutes long.

So let’s just all sit back, and see what happens tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Les Miserables

  1. If you ever have the chance see the stage show. Itswonderful. Once seeing that you can appreciate aspects of the film better but nothing will outdo the power of the live show.

    1. I would love to watch the live show. Maybe some day. I was surprised that I actually knew some of the songs. Marko says that the one Anne Hathaway sings I know because Susan Boyle sang it, lol. And then “Master of the house” or whatever that’s called, I know from Seinfeld, haha.

      All in all, the movie wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated.

  2. I saw the stage show many years ago. I went into it completely cold, not knowing anything about the story. It was so fantastic and I was moved to tears (I do not cry easily, unless laughing, so this was big). I was looking forward to this film version, and I also wanted to expose children #2 (age 17) and #3 (age 13) to a new-for-them genre. My daughter was interested, my son was going for the popcorn. I was completely engrossed in the film, the characters, and the real time performances. I held my breath as I watched my kids and their body language, as they watched the movie, which was really, really, long! At least it felt that way, because I was sure my kids were going to skewer me on a stick for having made them sit through a movie that was ALL singing. Once the movie was done and we made our way to the theatre lobby, I was pleasantly shocked to find that both of my kids loved this movie! My daughter wanted to see it again, and my son said that while he liked it a lot and he probably wouldn’t see it again, he couldn’t stop talking about the performances and the story.

    I really got a kick out of seeing Bellatrix LeStrange and Borat together as a married couple, Ann Hathaway was amazing, Russell Crowe was okay, and my day is always improved by watching Hugh Jackman lug around a giant tree. I agree with you, this movie just might take home the big prize.

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